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Why should you choose a BBB accredited tour company business ?

How the BBB Accreditation Works? The BBB “Better Business Bureau” benefits consumers in many ways – when a business is accredited with the BBB; it becomes more accountable, more reliable to consumers and offers a reputation of quality services. For those reasons, many tour companies avoid accountability and therefore, they choose not to enroll with the BBB.

The BBB “Better Business Bureau” is all about customers – it tracks millions of businesses on the BBB.org and assigns a rating to each business and travel company, ranging from A+ to F. This rating system is based on 16 specific factors, including both factual and legal information—like time in business and status of business licenses with the state where the business operates and federal governmental agencies —and based on consumers’ feedback and testimonials. This also includes the number of consumer complaints, reviews of any pattern to those complaints, timely response to those complaints by the company, and other critical factors. In other words, a BBB accredited business will always go the extra mile to please the consumers/ customers unlike non accredited businesses because “reputation matters”.

Businesses that want and work hard for the BBB accreditation must complete an application and submit a copy of their business license and other information. Once all required information is received, the BBB will review internal and public records to determine the trustworthiness and reliability of the business. This review can take several weeks, after which time the local BBB board of directors, made up of area business leaders, chooses to either accredit or not accredit the business.

Once a business is accredited, they become more accountable to consumers, more reliable, more transparent, and they have the ability to display the “BBB Accredited” logo on their business properties and websites. “The BBB’s dynamic seal helps customers instantly to verify the credibility of the tour company/ business accreditation and see other consumers’ feedback and reviews or complaints through this dynamic BBB rating controlled by The BBB “Better Business Bureau”.

Tip of the Day:
1. Check out the business reputation and experience, their BBB accreditation and reputation before you make a purchase on their websites but none of them is BBB accredited. We have seen an excessive number of new small tour companies and travel websites ; they come and go but only 5% of these new businesses don’t last or make it to 10 years or more in business. 95 Percent of businesses fail within 10 Years.

2. A number of websites that sell tours to Yosemite are not locals and many are located overseas. Go Local!

The Top 10 tour companies classified in term of the BBB Accreditation, reputation and experience - number of years in business

Golden Horizon Travel, Inc.
Address: 1806 Belles Street, San Francisco, CA 94129
Telephone: 1 800 210 3008 Fax: 800 210 3009
Website: www.goldenhorizontravel.com
Products: Yosemite National Park premier private custom tour specialist since early 2000

Golden Horizon Travel is the premier private Yosemite National Park tour operator based in San Francisco, California. Golden Horizon Travel was the first tour company ever to organize private tours. It was established in early 2000 and still owned by the same owner ever since. They offer day private tours to Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes and Lake Tahoe from the San Francisco Bay Area and worry-free travel vacation packages with hotel accommodation included.

If you are looking for a high-quality experience rather than the quantity of large group and bus tours; Golden Horizon Travel will exceed your expectations. They specialize in private custom tours to Yosemite by luxury vehicles with real pro and expert tour guides.

Golden Horizon Private Tours offer high-end clients and top-notch travel services. They are a family friendly local tour company managed by savvy experts and real pros. Golden Horizon’s expert tour guides are fluent in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. They are well traveled, culturally curious, and ready to share as many fun facts, entertaining stories, and historical anecdotes as you’d like. Enjoy their expert commentary on natural and human history ,geology, and wildlife of Yosemite National Park. Learn more Learn more https://www.goldenhorizontravel.com/about-us

Yosemite Private Tours LLC .
Address: 101 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111
Telephone: (209) 888-1141 Fax: 800 210 3009
Website: https://www.yosemiteprivatetours.com/
Products: 100% Yosemite Private Tours Specialist since early 2004
Join us now experience the Difference of a Bespoke Private Custom Luxury Tours. As the premier private
Yosemite tour specialist since 2004, we only offer and specialize in Yosemite private tours. We offer day private tours and overnight tour packages all included. We provide high-end custom adventures and luxury travel services to Yosemite National Park and Sierra Nevada. We are unconditionally committed to excellence in everything we do, because our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

In contrast to big bus tours with pre-packaged plans, we specialize in crafting private custom and personal adventures for the elevated traveler. Our well-appointed luxury vehicles are comfortable while still being nimble, giving you access to exclusive destinations where motor coaches simply cannot go. Our guides are state licensed, multi-lingual, and far more than simply a driver. They are knowledgeable hospitality professionals who can tweak your itinerary on a whim, and make sure your trip is about you. The privacy and flexibility of an SUV or luxury van tour is incomparable, allowing your party the space and time to travel deeper and soak it all in.

We are travel industry veterans with roots in Europe and the United States. Using expertise gleaned from decades of experience, we keep the ship sailing smoothly to ensure the best possible guest experience.

Yosemite Private Tours has been operating out of San Francisco and Yosemite National Park area for more than 18 years, and our commitment to excellent service permeates everything we do. From your first inquiry, to booking to a luxury vehicle arriving at your door, we strive to maintain trust and transparency throughout the entire process.

Alcatraz Tours, Inc.
Founded in March 2004, Pier 33, San Francisco, CA 94111 Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CAWebsite: https://www.alcatraztoursf.com/
Telephone (415) 429-4947
Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday-Friday).

Business Overview : Alcatraz Tours is a certified and accredited business based in San Francisco, California. Alcatraz Tours, Inc has earned praise from satisfied customers,who awarded them with hundreds of 5-star ratings? They offer personalized private guided tours to Yosemite National Park from San Francisco conducted by local and passionate tour guides in luxury vehicles. They believe that large group public bus tours are no longer as popular as in the past particularly because of the pandemic , and those customers deserve much better than wasting their day trip to Yosemite jostling the queues with fellow tour passengers. They also combine Yosemite tours with Alcatraz ,San Francisco, and Muir Woods day trips and overnight travel packages.

Incredible Adventures
founded in early 2000 by Jolie Ginsburg & Brian Deninger who started by taking group camping tours using eco-friendly fuels in bus and minibuses tours to Yosemite.
Contact Information -2095 Jerrold Ave STE 100, San Francisco,CA 94124-1628 .Telephone: (415) 642-7378
Website: http://incadventures.com
According to the BBB website, this business is NOT BBB Accredited

©Lake Tahoe Adventures. L.L.C,
11 Diaz Ave San Francisco, CA 94132
Website: https://laketahoeadventures.net/

About Lake Tahoe Adventures – Lake Tahoe and Yosemite national park small group custom tour custom tour specialist since 2006. Their tour guides are professional, state-licensed tour guides and not just drivers. They are highly trained, competent tour guides who can handle almost any situation they are faced with. They are also multi-lingual and excellent communicators. Their expertise and personality are what make your touring experience come to life. We also provide top of the range.

Extranomical Tours - https://www.extranomical.com
1590 Yosemite Ave suite a, San Francisco, CA 94124
Products: Large bus and group tours from San Francisco to Yosemite
Experience : Established in 2003 and later sold out to a new owner.
BBB Rating & Accreditation: According to the BBB website, this business is NOT BBB Accredited

© DBA Muir Woods Tours & Adventures Since 2004
Daily Muir Woods National Monument, Yosemite and Giant Sequoias guided
101 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
Website: https://www.muirwoodstoursf.com/
Telephone 800-2103008

Discover Yosemite -
Website: www.discoveryosemite.com
Address : 40155 Enterprise Dr, Oakhurst, CA 93644
Contact Information: PO Box 2283, Oakhurst, CA 93644-2283/ Phone: (559) 642-4400
Experience : Established in 2008. According to the BBB website, this business is NOT BBB Accredited

Crossroads Tours Oakhurst, CA, USA / +1 559-658-8687
40444 Highway 41, Oakhurst, CA 93644-9662. The history of this new company is not in available online but according to the BBB website, this business is NOT BBB Accredited.

Notes: *The above information is based on the https://www.bbb.org/ website as of November 2021. We are happy to update this blog if your information is incorrect or has changed in this regard.

Most of the online small tour companies and new websites have emerged in the last 5 years, and because of the lack of history, accreditation, and experience of these “newcomers” they are not mentioned in this blog.

We have seen an excessive number of new small tour companies and travel websites ; they come and go but only 5% of these new businesses make it to 10 years or more in business. 95 Percent of businesses fail within 10 Years, for that reason we only mention the top 7 businesses who have been in business for more than 10 years.

Tip of the day:
Check out the business /tour company BBB accreditation and reputation before you make a purchase on their websites. We have seen an excessive number of new and small tour companies and travel websites ; they come and go but only 5% of these new businesses last or make it to 10 years or more in business. 95 Percent of businesses often fail within 10 Years.

2. A number of websites that sell tours to Yosemite are not locals and many are even located overseas. Go Local.