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Terms and Conditions: Reservation, Refund, and Cancellation Policy

Hey there, I'm Gary! My wife June and I had booked a 3-day tour package to Yosemite National Park with Yosemite Private Tours last year.yosemite-national-park Unfortunately, I faced a sudden medical issue that made it impossible for me to travel, leading to the cancellation of our tour. I knew I would not qualify for a refund, but to my surprise, this tour company not only agreed to postpone my private tour but also did it at no extra cost. They fully honored the rescheduled tour the following year in August, without any additional charges. We stayed at the Ahwahnee hotel in Yosemite Valley.
Trust me, these guys are consummate professionals and genuinely care for their customers.
Highly recommended!
Gary R. Chester, Pennsylvania .

At Yosemite Private Tours, we recognize that plans can unexpectedly change. While our policy outlines specific terms for cancellations and tour adjustments, we endeavor to offer flexibility beyond these details. We strive to assist our customers by providing refunds, arranging tour postponements, or adjusting arrangements to accommodate special circumstances to the best of our ability. Our priority is our customers' satisfaction, and we work diligently to fulfill their needs whenever feasible. These are our Terms and Conditions, encompassing our reservation, refund, and cancellation policies:

I. Refund and Cancellations Policy

If the tour is canceled at least 16 business days prior to the scheduled tour (or the date of the tour or service), 91% of the total amount will be refunded. The remaining 9% covers the required transaction fees (4.5% per transaction, as booking and refunding are 2 separate transactions). Weekends and holidays are not counted in the 16 business days' notice period.

If the tour is canceled at least 8 business days prior to the scheduled tour or service, 50% of the total amount will be refunded. Weekends and holidays are not counted in the 8 business days' notice period.

If the tour is canceled at least 6 business days prior to the scheduled tour, 15% of the total amount will be refunded. Weekends and holidays are not counted in the 6 business days' notice period.

If the tour is canceled 5 business days or less prior to the scheduled tour or service, 0% of the total amount will be refunded. This includes no-shows. Weekends and holidays are not counted in the 5 business days' notice period.

Exceptions to Cancellation Policy

Peak Season Reservations: For all bookings and tours scheduled during the peak season (from March to November and from December 15 to January 15) lasting more than one day, a written cancellation notice must be emailed at least 29 business days before the tour date. Please note that weekends and holidays are not counted as business days in the USA. Hence, all sales are final and non-refundable for multi-day tours if canceled within 28 business days.

Specific Tours: Tours involving air travel, hot air balloon rides, seaplanes or train tours from April to October are non-refundable.

Confirmation Voucher Terms: Most tours booked through our website are subject to specific terms and conditions detailed in the tour confirmation provided after booking.

Do I Need Travel Insurance? Do I get a refund if I cancel for personal or medical reasons?

In such situations, we regret that you have had to cancel your tour and understand how inconvenient it must be to cancel your travel plans for medical or other personal reasons.

Why do I not qualify for a refund?

II. Online Reservation, Methods of Payment, and Transactions Policy

Methods of Payment and Accepted Credit Cards: We accept all major credit cards and payment options including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, wire transfers, Debit Cards, Euro Cards, “Cartes Bleues”, PayPal Chinese Union Pay, and JCB.

What happens after we void or refund a transaction? Approved transactions: When transactions are processed on our website, and approved by your bank, it still takes about 7 to 10 business days before we receive the required funds transferred to our business merchant bank account. However, we will still honor your tour(s) as scheduled if your transaction is approved, even if the tour is scheduled for the next day, if the date of the tour is available.

Voided and refunded transactions: When a transaction is voided, or refunded, the charge is removed from the authorized transaction inquiry and never batched or settled because the funds never leave the customer’s bank account. However, all such transactions will still be shown on the customer’s bank statements as “pending” for up to 7 to 10 business days. This is because the funds are temporarily frozen by your own bank without leaving your account. Please take this aspect into consideration before you follow up with us.

To release the funds : you will need to contact your bank and handle this directly with them.

Common mistakes and misconceptions about voided transactions: Most customers are not aware of their bank’s policy and guidelines regarding online purchases. Funds from the voided charge will be inaccessible to the client for a full 10 business days. For that reason, clients often think that the charge was still placed on their credit card. However, it has never left their bank account and will be available again after 10 business days. In other words, voiding a credit card transaction will NOT remove the charge from the customer’s bank account immediately. So, please be patient before you follow up with us or call your bank in this regard. Banks usually take 7 to 10 business days to release these funds back to your account.

Declined transactions: Why was your reservation declined? When a reservation is declined by a client’s own bank, this is often due to a mismatch between the customer’s bank information (such as the name on the credit card, card number, expiration date, CVV, zip/postal code, or billing address). If any one of these verification factors don’t match the information you provided on our website, compared to the bank information when placing your order, your transaction is automatically declined by your bank. This is to protect your bank information from fraud. Sometimes, transactions are also declined due to insufficient funds as well. Your tour(s) will not be confirmed until your new transaction is approved by your own bank. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand this is a measure taken by your bank to prevent fraud and protect your credit card information.

Tip: Most credit card companies (including American Express) now require their clients to inform them in advance when making purchases online or out of town/state/country. Otherwise, they decline the transaction to prevent fraud. You may also get an email or text message alert asking you to approve or decline the transaction that has been declined before you resubmit it online. This is a requirement of many credit card companies for customers’ protection.

Tour confirmation: If your transaction is approved, you’ll first receive an automated email from our merchant provider sent via Authorize.net or Stripe Then, your tour/s will be confirmed by email and you will receive a confirmation tour voucher, also by email. No further reconfirmations will be sent or provided. After receiving these confirmations, you simply need to show up on time at the designated pickup location you have chosen (hotel, home, or other meeting place). Your tour guide will meet and greet you with a sign displaying your name.

-Note that we do NOT call customers prior to the trip unless in case of an emergency or cancellation. You can contact us at any time by email at any time, and we will respond promptly. Email is the ideal way to contact us. This allows us to keep a record of your queries and any special requests you may need or add. In addition, we have live chat on our website. Just leave us a message, and we will get back to you ASAP.

-Our tour guides do NOT take telephone calls during tours. They are driving and dedicating their full time to their customers. Please do not call your tour guide. Instead, use the contact information provided in the email signature you’ll receive from us when confirming your tour and reservation. Alternatively, click here to chat with us or leave us a message. 

Disability Accommodation & Wheelchair Accessibility Policy:

To ensure everyone's safety, we do require advance disclosure of any disability or specific needs.

We reserve the right to decline service if this information isn't provided beforehand.

Unfortunately, our tours cannot accommodate full-size wheelchairs due to vehicle constraints and safety regulations. Limited accommodation might be possible for small, foldable wheelchairs.

Our emphasis on private tours, coupled with insurance limitations and strict regulations, prevents us from offering wheelchair transportation for the safety of all participants.

We encourage exploring specialized paratransit options for suitable accommodation. Safety is our utmost priority, and we reserve the right to refuse undisclosed requests for disability accommodation for the well-being of both our customers and employees.

III. Tour Confirmation and Tour Voucher

Tour Confirmation and Pick-up Time: Yosemite Private Tours will provide either an email confirmation or a tour voucher prior to your scheduled trip. Although printing is optional, your approval of the transaction on our website indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions: Reservation, Refund, and Cancellation Policy.

The email confirmation or tour voucher serves as conclusive confirmation for your Yosemite Private Tour and is valid exclusively for the specified customers, tour date(s), and time. It's crucial to note that our tour vouchers cannot be redeemed beyond the specified dates or times of your tour(s). The voucher holds no cash value, is non-transferable to individuals not listed on it, yet we do offer gift certificates upon arrangement. Furthermore, for specific tours, our email confirmation serves as a substitute for a tour voucher and stands as solid confirmation.

Reservations and Tours Availability: All tours are subject to availability. While we strive to accommodate your tour requests, we reserve the right to refund your transaction if the required tour or service isn’t available. We strongly recommend booking several weeks or months ahead, especially during peak seasons (April to October and holidays). Even if your credit card transaction is approved, we can't guarantee your tour's availability. In case of unavailability, we'll refund the amount to your credit card. To cater to your travel dates, we collaborate with sister companies like Alcatraz Tours Inc. and Golden Horizon Travel Inc. when we are sold out.

Tour Vouchers and Reconfirmation: Customers no longer need to reconfirm their trips once confirmed. Our email confirmation or trip voucher serves as your tour confirmation. Your tour guide-driver will meet you at your hotel lobby or designated location, holding a sign with your name, and will display business badges or name tags. If you didn’t receive a tour confirmation or receipt, contact us via Live Chat or call our office at 209-888-1141.

Non-Receipt of Confirmation: When transactions are declined, customers won't receive a merchant receipt or tour voucher from our office. Unfortunately, our reservation database system doesn't generate emails or information for declined transactions. To rectify this, kindly resubmit your reservation with a different credit card, ensuring your billing address matches your credit card and bank records to avoid declined transactions.

IV. Responsibility and Tour Change Liability

Our responsibility and liabilities cover various aspects: