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Yosemite National Park 2-Day Adventure

Trip Highlights

  • Fully guided, private custom tour in a luxury 4x4 SUV
  • Highly rated expert tour guides who are more than just drivers.
  • 100% customizable and personalized private tours
  • Free to choose your own accommodation
  • Visit the largest and oldest groves of giant sequoias in Yosemite
  • Travel to Glacier Point - more spectacular than the Grand Canyon
  • Explore Yosemite Valley natural wonders including spectacular waterfalls
  • Discover stunning off-the-beaten track sights and hidden waterfalls
  • Picture Half Dome, El Capitan, Cathedral Rocks and Sentinel Rock
  • Capture California High Sierra’s unique wilderness and geology
  • Travel through old gold mining towns and see beautiful alpine lakes
  • Walk or hike to any site of your choice with your personal tour guide

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"The Yosemite is the grandest special temple of nature I was ever permitted to enter"

~ John Muir~

Tour Description
Why choose the 2-day adventure over the one day tour to Yosemite National Park?

The Yosemite 1-day tour is limited to the Yosemite Valley, which represents only 1% of the Yosemite National Park. The tour requires about 10 hours driving, round trip, departing from San Francisco, which leaves you with little time to enjoy this huge national park. In addition, the elevation factor is also important as we travel from San Francisco, situated on the sea level all the way up to the Yosemite high-country which varies between 7,000 and 10,000 ft altitude.

The 2-day adventure on the other hand, covers most of the Yosemite’s popular and hidden sights, including the Yosemite Valley wonders, ancient groves of giant sequoias, and Glacier Point; the most spectacular vantage point in the Yosemite. These sights and superb views are not available on the 1-day tour. You will also explore beautiful meadows, lakes and hikes to wonderful the more remote vista points.

Day 1: Your personal and passionate tour guide driver will pick you up at your hotel or home, at a convenient time. We usually recommend leaving San Francisco Bay Area around 08:00 to enjoy as many stops as you need along the way to Yosemite. If you wish to be picked up in Central Valley or in Yosemite national park area, we will do so around 10:00.

The advantage of our private tours is that we can customize your tour itinerary and plan the trip to suit your requirements. Your personal tour guide will drive you to Yosemite through Central Valley rural roads and the beautiful countryside. You will also have the opportunity to stop at one of the local farmers’ markets in Central Valley or enjoy your lunch break in one of California historic gold mining towns.

You will reach the Yosemite either from the southern end of the park through the laid back town of Mariposa, one of the oldest gold mining towns in California, or from the park’s western entrance along Highway 120 and Hetch Hetchy Valley. The tour guide may choose either entrance based on your hotel location, traffic and weather conditions, but you will see both sides as we always vary our itinerary on the way in and out of the park to ensure our customers get to see as much as possible of this majestic national park.

Depending on the entrance route you will start your adventure either in Yosemite Valley, or in Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias, where you will see the oldest and largest giant sequoias of the Yosemite National Park. Mariposa Grove is undergoing work to restore the dynamic ecological processes and increase the resiliency of this treasured grove. Major work commenced in July 2015 and will tentatively continue for about 24 months. However, this closure does not change much, as we will follow a route similar to our winter itinerary when the gate to the grove is closed anyway, and thanks to our experienced tour guides, we still manage to hike there. We also have other groves of giant sequoias we can visit if needs be. This is rather a bonus as the grove becomes less crowded and you can hike to the best vantage point to photograph some 2,500 years old ancient sequoias. You will also see many other giant sequoias along the way, regardless the grove of sequoias we will visit.

After additional stops and sightseeing tours in the Yosemite high-country, your tour guide will drive you to your hotel. Customers on the 2-day tour can choose their trip with, or without, hotel accommodation leaving you free to book your own hotel in Yosemite. We offer you daily complimentary pick-up and drop-off at your preferred hotel. Since we don’t work on commission you can choose your favorite resort or hotel. Our goal is to ensure that your journey with us will be memorable and unique.

Day 2: After breakfast, your tour guide will assist you to check-out from your hotel and take you on an exciting new adventure in the Yosemite wilderness and high-country. You will travel to Glacier Point, the most spectacular and stunning overlook in the Yosemite National Park. A short hike from the parking lot is the beautiful Glacier Point. Here you can enjoy the majestic beauty of Glacier Point and the sweeping views over hidden waterfalls including Vernal and Nevada falls. You will also have views of Half Dome, the High Sierra Mountains including Clark Ranges and Clouds Rest.

From this spectacular vantage point, the Yosemite Valley floor will be spread out in front of you with waterfalls and other views in the background. Please note that Glacier Point is closed in winter and early spring. However, we often manage to offer our customers similar viewpoints in winter.

Before or after your trip to Glacier Point, you will enjoy a fully guided sightseeing tour to the Yosemite Valley. Your tour guide driver will hike with you to beautiful meadows, seasonal lakes, rivers and two stunning waterfalls including the famous Yosemite waterfalls. If you are up for a more of a challenge, an optional hike may take you to the bottom of Vernal Falls, which requires at least one hour hike each way - depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Yosemite Valley floor is home to stunning geology, characterized by deep canyons, towering cliffs, hanging valleys, massive granite walls and domes including Half Dome, El Capitan, Cathedral Rocks, Royal Arches, the Three Brothers, Cathedral Spires and Sentinel Rock. Your private 4x4 luxury SUV will take you anywhere you want, without hiking or walking, if you have mobility issues or you don’t wish to hike. You may also visit the visitor center, enjoy lunch at the Yosemite village restaurant or enjoy a culinary dining experience at the legendary Ahwahnee Hotel. Your tour guide will be on hand and to take care of all required arrangements and appointments on your behalf.

Your adventure to Yosemite will continue with other sights and attractions inside and outside the Yosemite national park. Your tour guide will select a new route on the way back to your hotel. The trip to San Francisco usually takes about 4 hours, so you may get back to the city by around 19:30.

Why us? Our certified business was founded in early 2000 in San Francisco, as pioneers and founders of the Yosemite private custom tours. We specialize in private custom and guided adventures by luxury 4x4 SUV, and small group tours by luxury high top vans, to provide our customers with comfort and a unique touring experience. Our tour guides are passionate, professional and highly skilled in many fields, including geology and biology. They are also multi-lingual and excellent communicators with high ratings on Yelp and Trip Advisor. Their expertise and special knowledge of Yosemite and the surrounding areas, as well as attention to service, are what makes your tour experience come to life. Our mission is to ensure that your journey with us will be one-of-a-kind, with lasting memories, because we seek in every way to exceed your expectations.

Why choose a private tour? We know how inconvenient group and bus tours can be. By choosing a private tour by luxury SUV, you are actually choosing quality over quantity. Our passionate tour guides receive in-depth training on Yosemite National Park, and know all the famous and hidden sights. By customizing your tour, based on your particular travel needs, preferred itinerary and schedule, you will get to see the best there is to see in the Park. For couples with or without kids, we organize our tours based on your travel needs taking into account any special requests. For nature lovers and photographers, we know when and where to take you to get to the right spots and locations to capture that perfect moment. Famous photographers and VIP clients, including, have chosen and recommended our tours.

Reservation: You can do your booking on our secure online reservation page to save time and money. As soon as we receive your reservation, we will send you a ‘tour voucher’ and tour confirmation; in addition, you will get an instant receipt from our merchant bank as soon as you place your secure order on our website. Please ensure you provide a valid email and a cell phone number when booking.

  • Daily complimentary pick-up and drop off and Yosemite Park admission entrance fees are included
  • One night at one of the Yosemite hotels based on double occupancy in a three star hotel Single occupancy is subject to additional fees (hotel optional)
  • Tour Duration: A 2-day private tour and one night in Yosemite area (hotel optional)
  • Optional side trips in and out of the Yosemite Park, to hidden waterfalls and or gold mining towns
  • Top of range luxury vans and SUVs stocked with refreshments
  Not included: Meals, drivers’ gratuity and optional activities or entrance fees to other attractions

For safety considerations and due to road closures or weather conditions, the hike to the sequoias in winter is optional and not recommended. We are not responsible for road, park and grove closures.

Tour Prices

By 4 x 4 SUV

This SUV tour is totally private and the price is per person.

The Price is per person Private 2-day SUV Tour - tax, entrance fees & accommodation included(Hotel based on double occupancy ) 2-day private SUV hotel accommodation excluded
1 Guest $2,378.00 $2,158.00
2 Guests $1,189.00 $1,079.00
3 Guests $1,089.00 $979.00
4 Guests $949.00 $829.00
5 Guests $829.00 $709.00
6 Guests $719.00 $609.00
7 Guests $639.00 $549.00


sf city tour by suv

Private charter by luxury van

This Yosemite private tour by VAN tour is totally private and is not available for public booking. The price is per party and not per person.

Private- The price is per party. You can either book your own hotel or choose the option " hotel accommo
dation included "
Private 2-day Van Tour tax, entrance fees without hotel accommo
dation –Book your own favorite hotel
Private 2-day Van Tour tax, entrance fees & hotel accommo
dation included
1 - 5 persons $4,299.00 $4,699.00
6 - 7 persons $4,599.00 $5,489.00
8 - 10 persons $4,719.00 $5,859.00
11 - 12 persons $5,299.00 $6,199.00
13 - 14 persons $5,699.00 $6,499.00


transportation van Minibus city tour

  • Daily complimentary pick-up and drop off and Yosemite Park admission entrance fees are included
  • One night at one of the Yosemite hotels based on double occupancy in a three star hotel. Single occupancy is subject to additional fees (with option hotel included).
  • Tour Duration: A 2 day private tour and one night in Yosemite area (option hotel included).
  • Optional side trips in and out of the Yosemite Park to hidden waterfalls and or gold Mining towns
  • Top of line luxury vans and SUVs loaded and equipped and refreshment.

Not included: Meals, drivers’ gratuity and optional activities or attractions entrance fees.

For safety considerations and due to road closure or weather conditions, the hike to the sequoias in winter is optional and not recommended. We are not responsible for road, park and groves’ closure,.

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